The Candidate

a feature documentary; completed in July 2019

An up close and personal story of electoral politics… where truth is stranger than fiction

"Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." Winston S. Churchill


The Candidate is a feature length observational documentary that follows Greens candidate Alex Bhathal over the final three weeks of her campaign to win a seat in the Australian Federal parliament. In this, her sixth attempt, and with a 1% margin between her and victory, she and her team have good reason to believe that history is finally on their side. But this is no ordinary campaign…

Creative Team

  • Writer / Director – Helen Gaynor
  • Editor – Ian White
  • Sound – Ant Bohun
  • Music - Rogeer Alsop
  • Producers - Helen Gaynor & Fiona Cochrane
  • Premiered at 2019 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.