Screamin' Wheelies

Half-hour documentary; completed 2000.
Screened for the opening of the Paralympics in Australia in October 2000.

Brief Synopsis

A look at the exciting sport of wheelchair basketball at the Paralympic level, and some of the Australian men and women who played in the 1996 Paralympics and were preparing for Sydney 2000 when filmed.

Six elite athletes discuss their lives and their disabilities, as well as the sport of wheelchair basketball - how it is played, its origins, and one of the more contentious issues surrounding it, namely whether able-bodied people should play the sport.

These athletes see wheelchair basketball as an important element in breaking down stereotypes about disability within the community. And they do so with great humour and ability.


  • Best Independent Documnetary at 2000 Canadian Int. Film & Video Festival
  • Best Independent Entry at 2000 Canadian Int. Film & Video Festival
  • Best Video Documentary at 2000 Empire State Film Festival (USA)
  • Best Documnetary Short at 2000 Santa Clarita Int. Film Festival (USA)
  • Best Documentary Short at 2000 ATOM Awards (Australia)
  • Gold Award (Sport) at 2000 Worldfest-Houston (USA)
  • Silver CINDY Award at 2000 International CINDY Competition (USA)
  • Bronze Plaque at 2000 Chris Awards (Columbus Int. Film & Video Awards) (USA)
  • Final Selection for 2000 Shanghai Television Festival (China)
  • Final Selection for 2000 New York Festivals TV programming (USA)
  • Mention of Honour at Sport Movies and TV 2002 (Italy)

Creative Team

  • Writer/Producer/Director - Fiona Cochrane
  • Cinematographer/ Editor - Zbigniew Friedrich
  • Music includes Chumbawamba, Zydeco Jump and The Black Sorrows.


  • Distributed educationally in Australia via ClickView
  • Post-produced with the assistance of ABC-TV Sport.
  • Available for viewing on