Beating the Drum

50 minute documentary; completed 1998.
Screened on SBS-television in Jan. ‘99.


BEATING THE DRUM enters the controversial debate over the concepts of “world music”, cultural appropriation, musical integrity and ownership, and the current growth in popularity of music from non-Western cultures.
Musicians, academics, broadcasters and World Music aficionados of culturally diverse backgrounds “beat” out a vibrant discussion across Melbourne at night, a discussion that can be extrapolated to most Western ‘multicultural’ cities. But there are no easy answers, and in the end BEATING THE DRUM is a documentary in which the music does the talking.

Musicians- Xylouris Ensemble, Kavisha Mazzella & La Voce Della Luna, Petrunka, Rembetika Compania, Terrasphere, Tom E.Lewis, Inka Marka, Taksim, Ta’Esh Fa’Esh, Vladimir Kocibelli, Thula Sana, Adzohu, Fronteras, Tsicaderis Ensemble & George Telek.

Awards and Screenings

  • Official selection at 1999 Golden Rose of Montreux competition (Arts & Specials);
  • Gold CINDY at 1999 International CINDY competition (USA);
  • Gold Special Jury Award at 1999 Worldfest - Houston Int. Film Festival (USA);
  • Bronze Plaque at 1998 Columbus International Film & Video Awards (USA);
  • Bronze Award at 1998 Worldfest - Flagstaff International Film Festival (USA);
  • Certificate of Creative Excellenece at 1999 US Int. Film & Video Festival;
  • Honourable Mention at 1999 PHILAFILM International Film Festival (USA);
  • Highly Commended at 1998 Bathurst Film Festival (Australia).
  • Official Selection at 1998 Encontros Internacionais Cinema Documental
  • Official Selection at 1999 Dublin Film Festival,
  • Official Selection at 1999 International Independent.Film Festival of Brussels
  • Official Selection at Mumbai International Film Festival 2000.

Creative Team

  • Director - Fiona Cochrane
  • Producers - Fiona Cochrane & Louise Hubbard
  • Writers - Fiona Cochrane & Louise Hubbard
  • Editor - Zbigniew Friedrich
  • Cinematographers - Kathy Chambers & Zbigniew Friedrich
  • Sound - Chris Izzard & David Harrison
  • Made with the assistance of SBS-Independent & Australian Film Finance Corporation.